The new Xiaomi giant, Xiaomi 12..a phone with fast performance, great functions and great cameras

The new Xiaomi giant, Xiaomi 12..a phone with fast performance, great functions and great cameras

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Xiaomi is preparing to launch its latest new Xiaomi 12 phones, in the coming period, as it hopes to achieve high sales rates given the strong specifications that will come with it, according to the latest leaks, which indicated that the mobile has a miraculous advantage of having the best and latest processor from the American company Qualcomm: Snapdragon 898 processor, which will have a big role in giving it speed in performance and solidity of use, in more than its main role in working to save battery power. As much as possible according to the latest Android 11 operating system.

The most important specifications of Xiaomi 12

The Xiaomi 12 phone has a large 6.7-inch Super AMOLED screen, with a refresh rate of 120 Hz per second, with a fingerprint sensor at the bottom, with strong protection against shocks and scratches, and water and dust resistance, knowing that its design will do the trick. More than cool and elegant, the R angle is designed more symmetrically and will not obscure the contents of the screen like in the Xiaomi 11 series.

Great battery and great cameras

The Xiaomi 12 phone has a huge battery with a capacity of 5000mAh, which supports fast wired charging of 100W, and also supports wireless charging of 50W, as well as its support for the distinctive UWB technology that specializes in supporting broadband.

The cameras are as follows:

The main camera is 50 MP with significant improvements.

The second 50MP ultra-wide camera is the first of its kind for zoom.

Binoculars with a capacity of 10 x auxiliary to the second camera.

32MP front camera for selfies.

and other supplements

The phone uses a new encapsulation process that offers narrow bezels.

Get rid of the four curved screens and solve the double curvature problem.