Would you agree to stay in a robot that looks like you for $200,000? A company looking for a human face

Would you agree to stay in a robot that looks like you for $200,000? A company looking for a human face

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The company is providing a whopping £150,000 ($200,000) to a volunteer who needs to be prepared to transfer the rights to use their face forever.

Enterprise bots are already in use in 43 countries, working across a number of roles including administrators, promoters, consultants, mentors and concierge.

"Our company has grown in technologies for facial recognition, speech, autonomous navigation, artificial intelligence and other areas of robotics, since 2019, we have been actively working on the manufacture and supply of humanoid robots to the market," the New York-based manufacturer said in a letter.

In its campaign, the tech establishment is looking for an individual with a "cute and friendly" face to use in its co-robot, who will be used at airstrips, malls, and retail outlets throughout North America and the Middle East.

And the manufacturer stated that "the robot in a modern style will launch its activities in the year 2023, and the face of the specified person will become the external body of that robot."