Talaat Duck .. The owner of the trend "Shaima" reveals the details of his song and the reason for filming a video

Talaat Duck .. The owner of the trend "Shaima" reveals the details of his song and the reason for filming a video

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Under the slogan "Shaima", the electronic communication platforms have recently invaded a modern trend, for a song that gained a great deal of buzz, and provoked a great controversy by social media pioneers regarding a video clip that she filmed, and perhaps the use of various vocabulary and melodies.

The Sada Al-Balad lens monitored an interview with Youssef Sousta, the owner of the song "Shaimaa", about the scenes of filming the clip, the song's point of view, and the secret of its trend throughout this period.

In the beginning, Youssef stated that the Shaimaa Festival is his first work, which he recorded 8 months ago and did not receive noticeable success, hence the idea of ​​filming a comic video that would make a huge noise for her, with the suggestion of a close friend of his called "Mohamed Mukhtar".

Regarding the vocabulary of the song, Youssef pointed out that festival songs achieve fame according to the words that are hanging in the minds of the followers, and he spoke that the words of the festival took him only 10 minutes to find by improvisation, and after that came the selection of the appropriate melody.

He continued that he did not predict that the song would achieve such wide fame on electronic communication platforms, and was delighted with the responses to the behavior, and the comics that are circulated through social media, and he made it clear that the heroine behind that festival is a “duck” and not a girl named Shaima.

And about the destructive behavior and criticism directed at him, he noted that the song is intended to joke and joke with people, and its idea is based on that principle, and he considers himself to have achieved success in reaching his goal.

He expressed his gratitude to a large number of his friends for their successive support with him, and indicated that the song is not a solo work, but rather a collective effort.

He continued that he was delighted with the responses of art stars to the song, including the star Ahmed Helmy, Mohamed Saad and Bayoumi Fouad, with their contribution to the song's comics and interaction with it, and expressed his strong love for their admiration for it.

Youssef Sousta seeks to introduce modern festivals, and he hopes to provide content that will always get followers' admiration, and sing along with big stars in future modern acts.