Spotify principal happy officer calls Joe Rogan events a' literacy experience'

Spotify principal happy officer calls Joe Rogan events a' literacy experience'

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 Spotify's (SPOT.N) principal happy officer Dawn Ostroff told advertisers at a conference on Wednesday that the counterreaction around popularU.S. podcaster Joe Rogan's podcast had been a" real literacy experience"for the streaming service. 


"We do feel that we've a responsibility to support creator expression, but also balance that creator expression with safety for our druggies and for our advertisers," said Ostroff, who has been a crucial motorist in Spotify's work to turn the platform into a top podcast mecca, speaking at an Interactive Advertising Bureau periodic conference in New York. 

 The streaming mammoth has been under fire after Rogan, who inked a$ 100-million deal with Spotify in 2020, vented controversial COVID-19 views on his show and drew demurrers from artists Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and India Arie. Young said Spotify had" come the home of life- hanging COVID misinformation."


 Last week, Rogan apologized and Spotify said it would add a content advisory to any podcast occurrences on its platform with discussion of the contagion. On Saturday, Rogan apologized again for using ethnical slurs after a montage videotape surfaced showing him constantly saying the N- word. 

"We've been speaking to Joe Rogan and to his platoon about some of the content. of his shows, particularly his history of racially asleep language, and Joe decided to take occurrences off of our platform,"Ostroff said. She said Spotify doesn't have editorial control over"The Joe Rogan Experience"podcast but that it supported this decision. 


 Spotify's Chief Executive Officer Daniel Ek said in a recent letter to staff seen by Reuters that he condemns ethnical slurs and other commentary made by Rogan but would not be removing him from the platform. 

 The contestation marks the rearmost case of a major tech company facing furor over its content temperance practices. Social media platforms similar as Meta Platforms Inc’s (FB.O) Facebook, videotape spots like Alphabet's (GOOGL.O) YouTube and streaming service Netflix have all come under scrutiny over the material they allow on their services. 


 Ostroff called"the dilemma of temperance versus suppression"the biggest challenge facing"every single platform moment."She said there was no tableware pellet but that Spotify's platoon was always looking to see how it could do better. 

 She also prompted advertisers to share and help in the company's elaboration, saying"we really want to be suitable to be good mates."


 Spotify has invested over$ 1 billion in the podcasting business. Last week, it posted advanced than anticipated fourth quarter profit and reported 406 million active yearly druggies, over 18 percent from last time, though its subscriber vaticinations for the current quarter came in lower than Wall Street estimates.