West Ham sponsor assesses position when Zouma cat abuse video

West Ham sponsor assesses position when Zouma cat abuse video

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one in all West Ham United' sponsors is considering its position with the club after defender Kurt Zouma was chosen for Tuesday' convert Watford hours after a video emerged of him abusing his cat.

Florida-based traveller organisation expertise Kissimmee aforementioned it had been "disheartened" that Zouma compete within the Premier League match despite widespread condemnation of his actions.

West Ham manager David Moyes, although thwarted in his player ANd describing himself as an animal lover, even the choice to incorporate Zouma.

"My job was to do and win for West Ham, and place out the simplest team to try to to that," Moyes said.

in a very Twitter message expertise Kissimmee said: "It was demoralising to be told that the player Kurt Zouma was a part of the start in West Ham United' game.

"As we have a tendency to sit up for additional info from WHU, we are going to be evaluating our relationship and support with the club."

The video, recorded by Zouma' brother Yoan and announce on social media, showed the European dropping the tabby and kicking it across the floor.

he's additionally seen slapping the animal and hurling a shoe at it, before chasing it around his property.

West Ham issued an announcement condemnatory Zouma and aforementioned they might take action internally.

The 27-year-old Zouma, and his brother, each issued apologies.

"There are not any excuses for my behaviour, that I sincerely regret. I also wish to mention however deeply sorry i'm to anyone who was upset by the video," he said.

Essex Police and Zouma' sponsor Adidas said they were investigation the incident that caused widespread outrage.

"No animal ought to be subject to cruel and unwarranted abuse, and that we are investigation the incident internally," garb big Adidas aforementioned in a very statement.

Animal charity the RSPCA additionally said it might investigate the matter whereas an internet petition to prosecute Zouma and have his animal re-homed has been signed by 123,000 people.