Profit from the Internet in Saudi Arabia || The 5 most important ways Saudi Arabia will benefit from the Internet in 2023

Profit from the Internet in Saudi Arabia || The 5 most important ways Saudi Arabia will benefit from the Internet in 2023

We have all felt the growth and development revolution that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has witnessed during the past few years, and one of the important pillars of this revolution is the technology sector related to work, marketing and profit online. In fact, making use of the Internet in Saudi Arabia has become one of the most important topics for young people.

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Surprisingly, the royal government has recently begun to sponsor and support work and profit from the Internet. You will find, for example, that the Saudi government launched the free work documents program in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which offers many benefits and legal protection for young people working in the self-employment sector, whether online or in the field.

In this article, we share with you the best and most important 5 different ways for Saudi Arabia to profit from the Internet by researching dozens of ways to make money from the Internet, which we have chosen specifically for Saudi youth.

Note: Among the winners, we deal with a number of detailed educational articles on many ways to work and monetize online, so sometimes you will find articles where I use some of them to deal with specific methods in detail.

Let's start now by listing the best ways for Saudis to profit from the Internet:

1. Internet investment in Saudi Arabia using TikTok

Over the past couple of years and this year, if there is one social media platform that deserves the title of horse racing champion, it has to be Douyin. In Saudi Arabia, about 24 million users out of the 36 million users in Saudi Arabia use Tik Tok in 2022. However, two-thirds of Saudis use the Tik Tok app.

Important: The basic rules of marketing and monetization in the world of work, marketing and monetization online are; Monetization and marketing opportunities begin to appear no matter where the Internet users are.

Now, how can you monetize the internet in Saudi Arabia using the Tik Tok app?

a) Selling products and services

If you have a product, service or even a skill that you can sell and monetize on Tik Tok, all you need to do in this case is start posting marketing videos on Tik Tok.

Of course, it doesn't have to be direct marketing, but it does take some tricks to make the video interesting and engaging while achieving the desired marketing impact.

Example: If you are a girl and have products such as hair care equipment (such as a hair dryer), here you can make videos of different hairstyles with your hair dryer, and use it as a high-quality product, it makes cool hairstyles in the video plays an important role.

b) living gifts

This is one of the ways that the application itself offers to earn money from Tik Tok, because it provides users with the opportunity to buy tokens and the possibility to give these tokens to content owners who provide useful live broadcasts.

The strategy works as follows:

You will create a Tik Tok account and share useful content to your followers in a specific area.
When you have a good follower base, you will start broadcasting.
Some of your followers will give you gifts that you can exchange for money.
c) Profit from Tik Tok by marketing restaurants, cafes and shops
This is one of the strategies that many influencers are currently using to make money with Tik Tok. It mainly depends on your popularity and having a good follower base.

Once you have a good follower base, no matter what topic you talk about in your videos, you will find brands flocking to create videos to market to your followers.

Example: Tik Tok, a well-known provider of comic content, made a comedy video called “How to Eat 5 Burgers with Zero Saudi Arabia”, in which the video was filmed comically in a restaurant that wants to promote itself, and in the restaurant in return he paid a sum of money for services Marketing.

Of course, there are many ways, but I will limit myself to the three mentioned above, for a complete list you can return to our article on ways to profit from Tik Tok.

Now, let's talk about the second way Saudi Arabia is benefiting from the Internet.

2. Profit from the Internet in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by providing paid consultations

You might think that this approach is not for everyone, and I agree with you, but the difference is that the field of consulting is not as difficult as it portrays, nor as difficult as many people think.

In this approach, you probably don't need to build something from scratch, all you have to do is take the experience, information and knowledge you have and make it available to others as a service.

Whether you are a lawyer, doctor, entrepreneur, engineer, or have drafting or drafting skills, this is where you can offer paid advice to others.

In most cases, the consultation is for a certain amount and for a specific period, for example, 200 Saudi riyals for a half-hour consultation in the field of digital marketing.

The tools you need are:

Zoom procedures for sessions that will provide counseling.
Calendar software that allows you to allow customers to reschedule based on your available appointments.
As for customer acquisition platforms, there are two options:

a) Use your social media accounts

There you can use your Twitter or LinkedIn account, for example, to promote yourself as an expert in your field by constantly posting about that field and trying to gain followers and gain their trust through useful content you share with them.

After you have the necessary reputation and reliability, you can start marketing your consulting services.

b) Create a professional website to showcase your consulting services

This path is for those who want to reach a professional level in providing paid online consultancy. It is not a very difficult choice as many people think, with our article on winners, you can do it without help in a simple way. The expert way to create your website:

First, let me show you the easiest steps to create a website for consulting services:

Buy a domain name and web hosting, you can do it all from one place, and you can get a free domain name for less than $5 per month with Blue Host.
By purchasing hosting using the link above, you will find that your WordPress software is ready and you can move on to the next step.
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