Tik Tok announces the layoffs of dozens of employees

 Tik Tok announces the layoffs of dozens of employees

In an unprecedented campaign, Tik Tok laid off dozens of employees working in the number of strategic departments that were credited with the app's profits, something that the employees themselves consider very strange given Tik Tok's profits last year.

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The layoffs of TikTok employees included a large number of employees in North America, as part of the restructuring of the sales department, which included employees working in the management of advertising sales and customer relations with brands that run campaigns on TikTok.

Tik Tok lays off employees while the company restructures its advertising team 

A TikTok spokesperson said, “This move came as part of a planned shift to make members of the Global Business Solutions team focus on certain industry sectors, such as fashion, beauty and entertainment,” but declined to say how many employees were affected as part of the reorganization.

He added that “the layoffs occurred as part of a broader initiative to consider continuing to operate efficiently across the company’s business.” The laid-off employees were also told that they could apply for other jobs in the company through the job portal.

One of the laid-off employees, who spoke to Business Insider on condition of anonymity to avoid damaging relationships at the company, said he knows at least 20 employees were laid off this week as 
part of TikTok's layoffs.

"I wasn't expecting this, especially because of the amount of revenue TikTok reported on ads last year, so it was kind of surprising," the employee expressed.

At the present time, the giant technology companies are witnessing large layoffs, as the American company Apple has laid off about 100 employees in the human resources department, and is scheduled to give up more employees in the coming period, as part of its plan to curb employment and spending, as the company works to reduce the number of existing employees.