Jobs in the wind because of artificial intelligence

 Jobs in the wind because of artificial intelligence

A new report revealed the jobs that could be most vulnerable to threat, in light of the accelerating pace and the great development witnessed by artificial intelligence, as many jobs will be affected, while others will disappear.


Jobs in the wind because of artificial intelligence
Jobs in the wind because of artificial intelligence

A report on the future of global work analyzed that software engineers are most at risk, with 96% of the best job skills being enhanced by generative AI.


Customer service representatives were next on the list, with AI providing greater productivity with 76 percent of the profession's skills, including phone etiquette, writing, and customer support.


The report included that there are more roles that will be affected, including sales representative with 59% of skills, including communication, retail sales and sales operations.


And LinkedIn noted that these jobs still require a human touch, with skills such as warehousing, waiting tables, and hospitality services all having to be done by humans.

The risks of artificial intelligence to common jobs

Here are the percentage of skills that are likely to be augmented by generative AI:

bank employees

Postal employees

Cashiers and ticket offices

Data entry staff

Executive and administrative secretarial staff

Stores and warehouse department employees

Accounting staff and financial records departments

Personnel in the logistics departments

Finance and insurance employees

Sales representatives and similar jobs


Some 57% of executives in Australia agreed that the use of generative AI will increase productivity, while 54% said they plan to increase their use of AI in their organizations in the next year.


And nearly three-quarters of executives in Australia said skills such as creativity and problem-solving were more valuable to their organization than AI skills. Meanwhile, 64% of Australian professionals agreed that soft skills are more important than ever.