Spiritual energy or abstract psychoactive effect

Spiritual energy or abstract psychoactive effect

Some people have outstanding qualities that are evident in the work they practice in an unusual way that draws attention, and we see that these are illiterate children who have not yet learned yet. And among the owners of these talents are those whose intelligence is not considered in all cases except in that capacity in which he excelled and excelled, such as being a glorious poet of lineage or an articulate orator, or someone with another profession in which he excelled and excelled, and this indicates that he has a special temperament that is insulting to that work with the best luck and the share of that. Apparently does not need evidence, and since this is the case, there is no objection to that. Those with these characteristics are those who have the gift of influencing others in ordinary matters, so we find among them the beloved by all and the feared side and so on. This is from the morals in which the center or the dress is subordinate, not followed, meaning that the owners of these reasons are heading in a certain direction in the center, the dress, and the body. According to what their talents dictate to demand prominence within a valid framework for the completion of their work of beauty and majesty, or what is contrary to that and is not called talent in terms of hatred, lowliness, contempt, etc.

spiritual energy
spiritual energy

Accordingly, there are people who affect others harmfully by just looking at it, and this is what is called the eye, glasses, and in general, this injury is called self-inflicted, meaning that it is a psychological effect issued by a person who has a toxic nature. If he looks at something he likes, he separates from his eye something. In the air of the poison reaches the visual Viaelha.

Al-Asmai said. I saw a man with eyes, and he used to say that if I saw something, I felt heat coming out of my eyes, and the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, proved that by saying: The eye is true. And he said: The eye enters a man into the grave, and the camel is the destiny, and the hadiths that came in this are many. And a group of the people of interpretation said in the words of the Most High: And those who disbelieve would almost make you slip with their eyes, that is, they would hit you with their eyes. Al-Kali mentioned that a man from the Arabs would stay without eating for two or three days, then he would raise the side of his tent, and the camels would pass by, and he would say: I have not seen better camels or sheep than these, so they only go a little, and a party and a number of them fall. Peace be upon him with the eye, and he does the same, so God protected his Prophet and sent it down, and those who disbelieve would almost make you slip with their eyes, and witnessing has proven that if the mouse is high and the cat looks at it, then it falls into his hands, just as some snakes attract a person to themselves when we show them to him and snatch his sight.

If he meets her sight, and some of them are blue without guilt, she does not look at him pregnant except that she throws what is in her stomach. It has been seen in some countries that the horses and mules are alienated when seeing the elephant, and the elephant is alienated when seeing the white or blue rooster, or if it sees fire at night, and what indicates some The strange properties of human nature are what Ibn Qutayba mentioned. He said that Al-Mutawakkil had brought a lion from some deserts to eat snakes while they were alive, and he ate them by gnawing from their head. And he brought another who ate the puppy as the oppressed eats it, mentioning the ostriches, and it was said: The woman is the wading bowl, if she comes close to a soft bowl, she whips it and it spoils, and that is only for something separated from it, and it reaches the milk, and it may enter the orchard and damage a lot of the plants without touching it, and it may spoil The dough if it is placed in the house where the watermelon is.

  A man may yawn, and others fit in, and experience and analogy testify that perceptions may be a source of desire for what is seen at one time, and may be a cause of aversion to it at other times, or may be a source of the occurrence of some qualities in the bodies, for their condition may change by looking at something from hot to cold, or vice versa. For example, intense anger may result in strong heat. It was said that some kings fell ill with paralytic paralysis, and the doctors were unable to treat him, so some clever doctors attacked him at a time when he was heedless, cursing him with great insults.

The sages unanimously forbade the one who is bleeding from his nose, from looking at red colors, and the epileptic, from looking at things that are strong in luster or rotation.

It is not far off, then, after these evidences, that some people have a special temperament that enables them to come up with extraordinary things.

They mentioned that some people have the power of imagination that enables them to show what they imagine to people's eyes. They also said that many of the people of the first region do whatever they want of influences without the intermediary of cookie influence or oaths and incantations or other than that. This power may be acquired, but it is very close to innate. Rather, it is innate, had it not been for some reasons that its owner used to prepare it for effect. They mentioned that this strength is indicated by the horoscope of human origin, i.e. the time of the point’s separation from the father and its stability in the mother’s womb, or the horoscope of his transformation when leaving his mother’s womb, or the horoscope of its end, which is the horoscope when a person embarks on knowledge and action. These three evidences either all indicate the attainment of that power, or they all indicate the lack thereof of obtaining it, and some others indicate obstruction, in which case it needs weighting. Unlike if all of them indicate that they do not occur, then the one who is in such a condition cannot have a psychological effect except after committing heavy hardships and healing exercises, and there is nothing wrong with mentioning some astronomical evidence to obtain this power to complete the benefit:

They mentioned that if it happens to a person that his ascendant is one of these zodiac signs, namely Capricorn, Aquarius, Virgo and Leo, and with that one of the two terrestrials is the sun and the moon, or they are together in the ascendant or the tenth if they are free from bad luck, then this person is suitable for psychological influence through delusion and contemplation, and stronger than that is his horoscope. Sunbulah or Aquarius, and the chandelier is Saturn and Mars, together in one of them, or one of them is in one of them at its rising, and Attar is their tear or opposite them, and yet the chandeliers are bright, for this is the goal. And if the fact that the horoscope does not agree with these restrictions in its entirety, then some of the aforementioned aspects occurred, then this was sterility, or if it was less than the total, and these provisions are from the origin of birth.

On this basis, it can be said that some people have a special influence, so this affects the healing of diseases completely or partially.

Gaining that strength or some of it through exercise and sports

It is taken from the Indian doctrine of psychological influence, and from the methods of Sufi masters to reach the truth, and the experiences of spiritual and psychological scholars: that a person is able to influence his spirit in everything he desires, and that is after knowing how to gather his aspiration and strengthen his will and with the sincerity of his illusion and imagination.

Sufism investigators have declared the influence of the divine incantation, and they did not deny the influence on those who were outside the Hanif religion, just as many imams of Islam did not deny it, but they call it a lure. The Almighty said: We will lure them from where they do not know.

This power is a reality latent in all human souls, and it does not deny truths among the sincere investigators just because of fanaticism, but rather it denies crooked paths, and false beliefs.

What the Indians do to obtain this power of rejecting worldly sanctuaries, reducing food, avoiding eating souls, and preparing things that enable them to confine their thoughts to something that does not contradict what the Sufis do to reach the truth of piety, asceticism, and remembrance, but what matters is the purpose and actions with intentions, and there is no escape from deciding The truth, as if the opinions of metaphysical researchers agreed that when the heart is stripped of its preoccupations except for an intentional idea, it must be reached even if it is high in the sky. I say in the sky because I saw the meaning of that clear to some of the great Sufis, so that he said, “Even if it is what is required, it is attached to the throne.” And from what the author of Al-Abriz quoted from the words of his sheikh Abd al-Aziz al-Dabbagh, in the letter, he said:

I heard him, may God be pleased with him, say: Before it was opened to me, I was seeing a huge, black, very long picture in the shape of a camel. This happened to me once. When he opened to me and I saw from the worlds of my Lord what was destined for me, I searched for the world of the enormous image and asked for its gender in any place it is, but I did not see any news of it. And what did you see? He said: That is from the act of the spirit (I mean the spirit of that).

I said to him: How is that? He said: If the self places something between its eyes and asserts it, the spirit helps it to find the image that it asserts and makes it afraid of it. And asserting the self does not establish it in finding it, even if it contains self-harm, he said. And the assertion of the self does nothing for him. Neither on the side of good nor on the side of evil. Before the conquest, I passed by a place, and a sea appeared to me on the way, which can only be crossed by ships, and it is one of the seas on the face of the earth. The other one, when I came back again and the boots were gone from myself, and I made doubts about walking on it, so I lowered my legs to test, so I sank in the water, so I took them out and knew that I did not apply a walking on this. If he believes something and it is not as he thinks it is not disappointed, then God gives it to him.

They said: Standing is the closest path to God Almighty after the paths of Al-Raqiah. The gnostic Ahmed Al-Farouqi Al-Sarhindi, may God bless his soul, said:

When the traveler on our way is not affected by the rest of the occupations that occupy him with standing, and after that he is affected by the relative and reaches him, the Almighty. This was explained by Sheikh Ahmed Diaa Al-Din Al-Kamshkhanali Al-Naqshbandi Al-Hindi, and he said.

Know that standing in the heart is turning to the reality of the human spirit from the point of view of the heart, because the heart is the door to the human spirit, and because the human spirit first relates to the body from the side of the heart, and through it the soul acts in the body. The lights of his soul and the perfections of his soul, and then he knows his reality, and by knowing himself he is guided to the knowledge of the Lord of the Most High, and he witnesses the secrets of the Oneness of His Self, the Most High, and reveals the traces of His attributes and names, the Most High, in all appearances on the content of whoever knows himself, he knows his Lord, in the sense that he who reveals the lights of his soul reveals the lights of his Lord, because the human speaking soul means The human spirit encompasses all that is in the Presence of the Lordship, whose names are sanctified, an impressionistic encompassing identical to existence in the same matter. So whoever turns to his soul from his heart may reveal to him in his soul the secrets that are in the Presence of the Lordship, and after that he knows his Lord the Most High through witnessing knowledge, because the reality of the human spirit is like the mirror of that Presence, according to what the Almighty says in the Torah. Man is an example of Him, the Most High, and His image, and the Most High also says about them that God created man in His likeness and image because of the mental power that is in him, which is a divine essence. With all beings, whoever truly knows his soul knows all mental and sensory creations. Therefore, the human spirit was a successor in the upper and lower world, as the Almighty said: To a maker on earth as a successor.

Likewise, he was a caliph in the upper world, because God Almighty, by means of the human spirit, created the heavens and did not shape them, as indicated, peace and blessings be upon him, by saying: The first thing God created was my spirit.

And also: If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have created the spheres.. Then know that the way to occupy yourself with the standing of the heart is that the seeker first strips his mind of all perceptions, then he disables all his faculties and senses from their rulings, then he detaches himself from the physical structure, and after that he turns with insight to the reality of the heart on the path of absorption, and perseveres in that. The more he turns to the reality of the heart, the more he knows his Lord, the Most High, so that by knowing himself, he obtains knowledge of his Lord. The conclusion is that the seeker, in knowing the reality of his soul by the way of standing, must be stripped of bodily materials and their appurtenances, and to erase all formal sciences from conceptions and assents. And to stick to the reality of his heart always, and after that there is nothing left in him except the spiritual evacuation that is not restricted by anything from bodies and their symptoms, and he does not see the reality of his heart in that state except as a simple light that is covered by everything that was and is affiliated with its maker. Because the ignorance of souls with their essence and their righteousness arose from physical preoccupations, formal sciences, and the seduction of the rulings of powers and senses, and that is why Sheikh Al-Junaid Al-Baghdadi said. sanctify his secret Sufism is when one sits for an hour without noticing something. It came in the teachings of the Indian Raja Yoga doctrine of exercises to gain psychological strength as follows.

Think of the veins of the heart and its branches from its origin, and so on from its connection to the spine, then take your breath in, then return it with an exhale, and in the meantime imagine that all these veins have changed and changed their condition, and that a strong creek has filled their spaces. Repeat this and indulge in thought until you imagine that those veins are filled with a light that is not covered by the darkness of sorrows or the distress of illusions. As it came in it from the advice that you have in these exercises to behave with good morals, so do not harm anyone, and to speak the truth, and to avoid greed, and to be characterized as: so that you do not accept the gift from anyone, even if you are in dire need of it now, in that purification of the mind. And you have to be austere, restrain yourself, and be flexible in discernment. contentment, cooking, worship, fasting and prayer, and reading a lot of the Holy Books secretly and publicly, and you have to overcome the vital forces inherent in the human body, and make the sense organs subject to will. Orienting the mind towards the center of the heart or the head, for example, and let each of you imagine that there is space or a fire in his heart that burns in it. And that this is the

Give is the soul, that is, the Holy Spirit.

Morsi, welcome, the secret is clear. Isn't it strange that the path unites, even if the stripes and purposes differ? This indicates certainty and certainty that this small body, which is the human being in which the larger world is enclosed, has a great significance and a dangerous secret. Therefore, it is from the nature of the human heart that it is like a mirror and rays. If it encounters something, it is imprinted in it, and if its rays shine on something, it affects it. And the human being is the human being, and each party rejoices with what they have. This is another way to stand up for the Sufism, mentioning it for proof and because it matches what was stated in the Indian doctrine completely, and the lesson is intended as we have presented.

One of the forms of cardiac standing is when a person turns to his true heart, not imagining his soul in his heart as pure light without end, description, pureness without purpose, and he imagines in the atmosphere of his luminous spirit the image of his body and the images of the world in that light like a bird in the air while he looks at these images in the madness of the soul. He takes a look at them until he unites with those images in the perception, and he increases in union with those images with compassion and longing for them, until he imagines that he is those images, and he persists in that perception with repetition. So that it is as if he is the universal, qualitative reality of the whole world that has no end and no divisions, rather it is a pure unity of the sum of the forms of the world. Whoever knows his soul with this association of all realities has known his Lord.

Among the important incidents that indicate the psychological effect, which historians reported and circulated in books:

That some of the sultans of Islam, whose name I did not mention because of the long reign with him: He wanted to conquer a country in India, so whenever his military approached this country, diseases afflicted them and the plague ravaged them. They gather in a place and direct their efforts to destroy the advancing army, and had it not been for the people of experience to indicate to him that he would make a fuss of drumming and the morning of the soldiers; To distract them when he was able to open this city and overcome it.

And it was said that a people of negroes, when they are harmed by someone, they gather and shout to expose him and harm him or his death and destruction. . And they shall have what they wanted

This incident was narrated by a German doctor. And that is because a patient came to him complaining that his rest tonight was disturbed, because of what he heard of disturbing sounds that resembled the hammering of iron, and the patient considered that an imaginary disease. The doctor’s washer: Do you have enemies? The patient replied that the village blacksmith, an old man with abnormal morals, bears a grudge against him. When the doctor heard this saying, he immediately went to the old blacksmith and spoke to him about the matter, accusing him of using magic against the farmer. Finally, the blacksmith admitted that this farmer had wronged him and did not pay him his debt, so he resorted to bringing a rod of iron every night and hammering it severely. At the same time, the blacksmith focuses his mind on the farmer, envisioning him in his imagination. This is the reason why the farmer’s rest and sleep were disturbed: that is, because of these methods. So the doctor ordered the farmer to pay the debt owed and persuaded the blacksmith to stop doing it.

In this incident, there is a clear example of the psychological effect when a person imagines a clear and effective image of the effect on others. That blacksmith imagined, or he was hammering with the iron rod that he would strike the farmer's head with it, believing fully that with this action and imagination, he disturbed the comfort of the farmer, and the result was that what he felt happened and he carried out what he thought, and there is a mention of sufficiency in proving the psychological effect, because if we follow the correct incidents and sayings The Wise Men in the Psychological Influence We have thus filled volumes on the soul, evidence of the psychological influence in matters that are not customary. In Al-Ula is a seat and a soul that honors and bitters return to. He sticks to what he promises, and his aspiration is no longer his own, so he does not achieve power through it. This was evident in what was written by the contemporary writer, Professor Tawfiq al-Hakim, where he stated in an article published in Al-Risala magazine under the title of Our Ivory Tower the following:

  There is nothing on the face of the earth more dangerous or stronger than a human being who lives for an idea.. This human who concentrates all his existence in an idea as the sun's rays are concentrated in a lens. So that he can cause a frightening fire or a bright light like her. In the light of these established facts about psychological influences, modern spirituality has developed, the most important of which is willpower, which is only based on belief in the influence of the soul in matters that are not customary. The slightest hesitation or skepticism, with the removal of all the obstacles that distract the soul from the total direction of the desired thing. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the health of the body, purify the lungs, exercise the chest, and not be anxious and disturbed, because this is one of the most important factors that result from a strong will that is not caused by a sick body and a narrow chest. And think hard. With willpower, a person can be successful in many of his work and occupations.

  It can also affect others internally through inspiration and psychological attraction that flows through the empowerment of thought and concentration of the mind, where the effect is according to the existing readiness of psychological effectiveness and the ability to gather thought and direct aspiration, just as the one affected by this power has a role in the power of influence and making it in terms of his readiness For acceptance and emotion, so magnetologists developed methods of seduction and artificial hypnosis that enable them to influence by disabling the dark powers and using the subconscious mind (according to their claim according to Freud's theory) with its indisputable naivety from the conscious mind, which is often a barrier to influence in the state of alertness and attention, and because they know that the mind He cannot work with two things at the same time, they were able to extract every idea from the mind of the affected person (the mediator) by seduction and focusing his gaze on something bright or more fulfilling in the eyes of the swayed (hypnotized) who cannot turn his gaze away from his eyes, because in diverting them means resisting and thinking about Another thing is non-submission and surrender, and the loss of much of the influence of the worker's will with the effective rays his eyes send by shining them on the point of intersection between the eyes of the mediator.

There is no doubt that they attach great importance to fixing the gaze, as it has a special exercise that the psychoactive performs to be able to fix his eyes for a short time without blinking and shifting his gaze. With this exercise, the eyes widen, and in their widening there is benefit in influencing the magnetic gaze, which is one of the gates of willpower. The influence of some people has preceded by their looking at things, and it is not hidden that the eyes express what is in the soul.

Willpower exercises

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Willpower exercises 

Psychological authors have undertaken to research this subject, stating that if it is explained, detailed, and then treated, its treatment revolves around an axis of habituation and constancy, in relation to the usual things, which is increased by a kind of self-suggestion for those who want to have some kind of magnetic or psychological growth.

The most important exercises to strengthen the will are through self-improvement and the spiritual properties of divine names and divine divisions. Whoever wants to strengthen his will in order to have a capacity for psychological or spiritual influence must work to improve his breathing and strengthen his lungs, and then practice fixing gaze and inward suggestion, and adhere to the recitation of Islam with characteristics and orientations that have an impact in strengthening his spirituality and its influence in the human and spiritual worlds.

By following the following: -

  • Refrain from the use of air conditioners, and whoever could not refrain from smoking tobacco should reduce it a lot.

  • Taking care of cleaning the body by bathing daily.

  • Get used to the erection of the stature and raise the head and reconsider the curvature of the back.

  •   Practicing to prolong the duration of breathing by taking advantage of the student’s faces in the open air and before eating, but most of the time by inhaling the air slowly and calmly. from the nose, then spit it out from the mouth.

  • Persistence in doing the following breathing exercises, or some of them, several times a day, noting that they are absorbed within a period not exceeding three days at most.

  • The sport of purifying the lungs

    It brings complete comfort to the body. This is for the student to stand and take a long breath from the nose, then hold the air in his lungs for several seconds, then gather his lips as if he wants a small child, and forcefully exhale a little bit of air with his mouth, and let the rest be held, then exhale a little as well, and so on until nothing remains of the air.

    Reactivity sport for members

    The student stands on his feet and takes a long breath from the nose, then extends his arms in front of him and breathes. confined in his lungs, then he raises his arms quietly with his palms clenched gradually so that his arms do not reach the alignment of his ears except that his palms are clenched tightly, then he rotates his palms while they are clenched to themselves quickly about five times behind his head all of this while the air is trapped in his lungs and after that the air comes out forcefully from his mouth and then he works The previous lung purification sport and continues to do so several times a day. When laziness or downfall comes to him.

    The sport of developing the muscles of breathing

    The Indians assert that this sport has a great impact on repairing the organs of nutrition, and they describe it frequently to combat stomach, liver and blood disorders. It is repeated several times a day, such as:

    The student stands on his feet, then inhales as much air as he can and holds it in his lungs. After that, the process of purifying the lungs mentioned first is performed, and this is repeated several times a day.

    The sport of stimulating blood circulation

    The student stands on his feet in a place where the air is released, then inhales the air from his nose as much as he can, and holds it in his lungs, then leans forward gently and pushes him until his hands touch the ground, then he clenches his palms and comes back standing and repeats this movement again strongly, but with stability and order, and when he returns standing for the second, the air trapped in lungs from the mouth. This is repeated several times as well.

      Relaxation sport

    It is to calm the troubled or irritated nerves and psychological reassurance. and jealousy together. It is for a person to lie on his back on a comfortable bed, and then relax all his members in a state of sleep, as the state of the sleeper is, and help his members to relax with any words that help him. I am now Hadi, very reassured. .

    The student strives to achieve these words with all his strength, so he quickly passes his thoughts through all his organs in order to be able to achieve the required rest, then he takes breathing slowly and calmly, prompting himself during that that he is healthy in body and strong in determination. And if he was complaining, for example, of pain in his head, chest tightness, or nervous disturbances, he would take to telling himself that he was not afflicted by any of that, and he would verify that in his secret. He would say, for example: I am not afflicted with chest tightness. I am very comfortable. I do not feel anything that worries me or bothers me, etc. There are no suitable words for that. And commensurate with diseases. And he stays in that for about a quarter of an hour every day, and if he perseveres in that, he will be cured of what he complains about of nervous diseases, and he will have a strong will.

    Exercise to bring vigor and self-strengthening

    The student prepares his thoughts about that, then takes a long breath for about eight seconds and repeats in his mind at that time this phrase, “I am now doing you with my will to bring my anxiety and strengthen myself.” Then he holds this breath in his lungs for a period of two seconds as well, and during that he repeats in his mind this phrase: “I really can.” Having this power brings enthusiasm and strengthens the soul, and then this will become my possession. Finally, this breath will come out in a slow exhale in about eight seconds, also repeating in his mind this sentence. something..

    Exercise to bring vigor and self-strengthening
    Exercise to bring vigor and self-strengthening

    The student must perform this exercise several times a day, because psychologists say there is a relationship between the human lungs and his emotions or conscience. Exercising on the psychological influence on other people and demonstrating that)

    Every thought that occurs to a person, whether voluntary or forced, sends intellectual waves or vibrations with it into space. And these vibrations have an effect on the children of our heaven of different strength and weakness, as these thoughts send their ripples in all directions.

    Let us approximate this theory with the following example: - We suppose that a person wanted someone else to take care of him, so it is possible for him to fully think of making him take care of him, that is, he can embody him in an idea that takes care of what he wants from him, so with this action he sends to all sides strong intellectual vibrations, without Some doubts afflict the person who wants to influence him according to the proportion of his effective strength, and it is possible that he does not feel its impact, but if his thought machine is sharp and sends its ripples strongly to the person directly, then it hits him more clearly and the shock of the vibrations is stronger.

    Therefore, the student must practice limiting the magnetic thought and view.

    Mindfulness exercise

    It is the directing of thought entirely to one goal. How to practice this: The student sits on a chair in a comfortable position, relaxes all his muscles, and strives to remain still for about five minutes. He repeats this action over and over until he gets used to it without boredom. Then he extends the period to ten minutes, then to a quarter of an hour, and does not tire himself to reach that all at once, but rather by fighting the exercise in intermittent batches, just as he must do the following exercise at another time: he is sitting on a chair straight with his head and chin tilted forward and it is sufficient to back. Then he raises his right arm above his shoulder, turns his head, and fixes his gaze on his hand without moving his right arm for a minute. It extends the duration of the test to two minutes, three minutes, or even five minutes. His palm must be facing downward, and he can verify that the arm is not moving or trembling by looking at the tips of the fingers.

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    Practicing gaze or magnetic gaze

    It is the magnetic, fixed, penetrating gaze, and with immediate exercise, the student can obtain fixed and penetrating eyesight that affects humans and animals, which is: - The student takes a flat white square sheet of 15 square centimeters and draws a black circle in the middle of it. The size of half a brush, and the entire space of the circle is black, then he fixes the paper on the wall in front of his eyes, while he is sitting on a chair in front of it. He stares at the black circle steadily without blinking for a minute, then he loses his gaze for a while, then he stares again, then a third to a fifth time, then he leaves the chair in its place and moves the paper halfway to the right against the wall as well and sits on the chair as it was and looks at the wall for a while. Then he stops his sight without moving his head and stares at the black circle for about a minute, then he relaxes his gaze and repeats this action five times, then he diversifies the exercise by moving the paper to the left side instead of the right, and he does the same. From looking and staring without moving the head five times as well. He repeats this exercise for three days, lengthening the time from one minute to a minute, half in two minutes. After three days, he lengthens the staring period to three minutes, and so on every three days he adds a minute so that he can keep his eyes staring for about a quarter of an hour without blinking or having tears in his eyes. And when he reached that point, he obtained the required magnetic force, and he could affect people in an instantaneous way.

    How to influence

    If the student is trained to limit the thought and fix the look, then if he wants to influence anyone from whom he wants something, he must do two things: The first thing. To contact him before talking to him intellectually to create an intellectual relationship between them, by being alone with himself, isolated from people, in a bed, for example, then he clears his mind of all thoughts, and makes his body in a state of complete relaxation, as if it has become a fabric of steam, and his body has no self-existence that removes all fears from him and he thinks calmly. Tranquility in the person he wants to influence, and if he does not know him in particular, he imagines an example for him with his thought and continues to think about him vigorously without frowning his eyebrows or furrowing his muscles. Three at different times, and it is preferable to repeat this on successive days until the interview with that person takes place. It is not necessary to stare at a person during a conversation, but it is sufficient that his gaze be fixed and undisturbed, and he shows confinement of thought and willpower, and during the conversation he can turn his gaze to another direction, but every sentence that is intended to influence his interlocutor must be accompanied by a magnetic look as if he wants to make him understand. This is how I want and I must obtain, and it is a rule that the rust must be discerning from us, then ask that person for what he wants clearly and with self-esteem, fixing his gaze on him, believing in his heart that he has obtained his question, and striving to make him not divert his gaze from him or turn to another direction during this request. . This is an absolute must, and if he sees him avoiding his gaze, he can draw attention to him in the instantaneous way. He also turns his gaze to another direction, on the condition that he looks at him with a blink of an eye. Naturally, he turns to the direction he turned to. At this moment, he looks at him with a sharp eye and looks quickly and with strong determination, because this is the right opportunity to monopolize him and have leadership. He makes his gaze meet his gaze, and it is fixed and inspired to him with all his will. If the student is able to limit that person's attention to him and succeeds in looking at him during his conversation with him, then he must attain what he desires.

    Mental photography

    It is a well-tested method to form intellectual currents in a correct coloration, and to enable the student to use them and benefit from them. How to practice this is for the student to be alone in a quiet room, then sit down so that his body assumes a position in which he rests, rests, or sleeps if he wants, and remains motionless for ten minutes. He doesn't think about anything at all - then he does an activity and sits down at a table and writes succinctly and clearly on a white piece of paper. Any statement, such as writing, for example, and I want to influence so-and-so on such-and-such a topic to an acceptable effect, or I want my problems with so-and-so to end, directing his will to the paper - then lying down or lying down on his chair so that his body takes his rest, then looks at the paper with a fixed look and gathers all his mental powers And he confines it to what it contained of what he wanted - while at the same time taking long, slow, exhausting breaths. His lungs and he repeats that work every day, because he is brought up in a mental phytograph and receives success commensurate with his sincerity, intelligence and good behavior.

    And then anything. He wants him to dispose of him in this way, and it is recommended that he start with reasonable and simple demands, such as asking for an improvement in his health, an expulsion, a strengthening of his memory, or a discipline of his emotions - so he would practice these possible easy things first - and thus he can affect everything he asks for as soon as he begins.. that is, in one sitting. God knows ?