Massage Center by Ahmed Mahmoud Sharqawi

 Massage Center by Ahmed Mahmoud Sharqawi

The whole disaster started with an SMS message I received on my mobile phone. I saw it by chance and found what was written in it: “We welcome you to the distinguished massage center and we are waiting for you. Book through the link.”

Massage Center by Ahmed Mahmoud Sharqawi

I quietly clicked on the link, and I began to feel a strange euphoria as I watched pictures of very beautiful women giving massages to men sleeping on very comfortable beds.

I started to imagine how angry I would be in this situation and how many feelings I would have at this time. I found a word on the website for reservations, click here..

When I found it, it took me to another page that required your name, phone number, mobile network type, address, and Facebook page.

I entered all the data and said, “Can I see the end of it?” Then I received a message saying, “Registration has been completed successfully. We will contact you as soon as possible.”

I left the site and completely lost my mind. These were empty people and I had some work to do, but at night I found a strange number calling me:

- Good evening, Mr. Saad

- Good evening, who?

- With you, Soha from the distinguished massage center

The girl's voice was strangely soft. Of course, in order to get customers, you need to have a soft voice:

- You are with me, Professor Saad

- Yes, yes, with you

- Ok, would you like to enlighten us when I can register the reservation?

- Not that I know the details at first

- The cost of the massage session is only 200 EGP, and any other additions are agreed upon with the girl who will do the session for you.

- What do additions mean?

- This means, for example, extra time, a full body massage, a steam bath

- Even if you don't do this

- It's only 200 pounds, sorry. The duration of the session is half an hour and the entire back area is massaged with imported oil

In fact, I wanted to go through the experience, especially since I was engaged to a very committed girl, and I couldn't even hold her hands, and 200 pounds was not a lot of money, and I booked an appointment for the next day at 4 p.m.

Writer's page: Ahmed Mahmoud Sharqawi


I stayed up all night with my body shaking from excitement, a new and very interesting experience, and in the morning I slept so that I would wake up an hour earlier.

Indeed, at 2:30 am, I woke up. Within seconds, I had taken a proper shower, put on a new underwear set, put on a nice-smelling perfume, put on a nice-looking classic set, and went.

The place was not far away, it took an hour and I was arriving, and I actually arrived at the center at 4:50.

It was an apartment on the third floor of a large building, and it was written on the apartment, the distinguished massage center. I entered the reception and found a girl who looked elegant and had a computer in front of her. She welcomed me, and as soon as I knew that I had a session, she took my name and said to me, “Room 6.”

I entered the corridor and found a lot of rooms. I reached room six and entered. My whole body trembled when I found a girl wearing clothes that showed every detail of her body. She smiled a gentle smile and told me to take off your shirt and lie down on the chaise longue here..

I was very nervous, and I felt a tremor gripping my body. I did what you asked of me, and the session actually began.

At first my body was shaking, very tense, her touches made my body shiver, but one time I started to feel ecstasy and my body was very relaxed, and after a while I started to feel like I was in heaven and there was a mermaid giving me a massage, with the calm music that played, I felt like I was flying in the sky..

But what was strange was that she suddenly stopped the massage and the music and stood up, looking at her nervously for her to consult me ​​about the time that was four and a half, meaning the session was over. There was an intense sadness in my eyes and I felt a rattle inside me. She smiled and said to me:

- You want to save time

I swallowed my saliva as I looked at the details of her body and said to her in a troubled voice:

- I want you

She smiled more and more and said to me:

-But the price will vary

- How many do you want?

- All of this will be 600 pounds, and payment is made in advance

I was doing my accounts and he brought money with me, I took the money out of my wallet, took it from me, and smiled more and more..

Writer's page: Ahmed Mahmoud Sharqawi


I went to our house feeling high, feeling like I was flying with happiness, imagining every moment and every second that I was back at the center, and all I was concerned about was collecting another sum of money to go, and I was actually able to make an advance from my work so that I could go again..

I go to the paradise that I saw on earth, I went to the link and registered my information, and I waited impatiently for someone to call me, one day, and another day I was waiting, but no one called..

I couldn't wait, I called the number that called me a week ago when I made the appointment, and the same girl answered..

I told her that I wanted to book, she talked to me for a while and she took my details, but after that she said in a suspicious voice:

- You had a session with us before

- Yes, last week

- Unfortunately, it will not work now again. I will put you on the waiting list

- Why won't it work?

- Because all appointments are booked

- Why were you taking my data for reservations a while ago?

- I was just registering it, and as soon as the appointment opens, I will inform you immediately

I closed with her and I was very surprised. I mean, the first time booking was easy and the second day took a long time, and now it has become so difficult, the place has become famous so quickly..

I waited for a long time, a week, the second, or the third, and no one called, to the point that I decided to search for massage centers and see any center and go and be done, but on this day at night, I found a message that came to me on WhatsApp from a strange number..

I absentmindedly opened it to find a 10-minute video. I opened it to make my whole body jump out of place.

It was a pornographic video of me with the girl in the massage center, and every detail of my body was crystal clear, but the girl’s face was blurred so that it would not be visible..

My whole body was literally paralyzed, my heart was beating fast and my breathing quickened. I wrote with trembling fingers:

- Who are you

But no one responded to me, and I did not view the message. I kept waiting for half an hour from the fire. I was paralyzed with fear and anxiety. I quickly called the number of the center that I had called before and found that it was closed.

My body started sweating more and more. I called the number that sent me the message and found that it was also closed. I went to Truecaller and did not find any data on it..

I sat there, shaking and shaking, and my heart was pounding. I felt like I was falling asleep, unable to even get up from my place.

All night long I was waiting for someone to answer me, I wrote to this number and threatened him and he did not answer..

I begged him to respond and he didn't respond.

I asked him twenty questions and he still didn't answer me..

I spent one of the worst nights that a person can experience in his life, a night that felt like hell, a hell of anxiety, fear, weakness, crying, and regret.

Finally, the second day he responded to me, what a disaster...

Send me links to Facebook pages..

Link to my father's page

Link to my sister’s page

Link to my fiancée's page

And links to the pages of my friends’ people

I sent him a record while I was almost crying and begging him to answer me.

I found a harsh, very harsh sound that I heard through Record

“I will send you a number to transfer 20,000 pounds to today, otherwise the video will be posted on porn sites and will be sent to all the pages of your acquaintances.”

My whole body shook and I sent him a record while crying like a child

“Where will I get 20 thousand? I pray that you don’t do this to me.”

And I got the answer

“If I don’t have any money today at night, don’t be sad, I will sell the video to every website and I will make money from it.”

After that, he remained completely silent, and did not respond to the messages of sympathy, hope, or crying. He did not respond except to the last message in which I said with emotion.

“I will come to the center and burn it with everything in it.”

He replied to me with a recorded message containing the sound of his laughter

“Stay, if you find someone, kill him.”

Unfortunately, I understood everything too late... Everything became apparent in front of my eyes. A dirty man rented an apartment in an upscale place for 6,000 pounds, for example, for a month. He brought in girls at night to work during the day, and he rented a bunch of comfortable beds, for a bunch of cameras placed in places that were difficult to detect. ..

How much will all this cost, and then each one will pay a lot, meaning collecting the girls’ rights and rent from the money we paid..

After he collected a lot of data and videos, he started sending and blackmailing them.

If it worked for only a month and then shut down and disappeared, it is likely that there will be no less than 300 photos and videos.

If he asked each person for only 20 thousand, he would collect a terrible amount, a gain from air, and unfortunately I understood why there was no point in booking again, because I thought once, it would not benefit them again, a video like two like ten..

I sat on the ground and the world turned black around me. Where will I get 20 thousand pounds from today? Even the house has nothing to steal for 20 thousand pounds..

For three hours, my body was shaking, not knowing what to do, until I woke up to a message from my fiancée checking on me. I looked at the message and cried.

I wonder what she would do if she saw the video. She would curse me, of course. I wish I had waited, my love. I wish..

Suddenly a strange idea flashed into my mind. I called her and told her that I needed money because a friend of mine was going to have an operation and would die if we didn’t save that money, and that I wanted to sell the network and compensate her soon afterwards.

She was a strangely permissible girl. After half an hour, she asked permission from her father, who agreed, and she simply sold her brother to the network.

I didn't stop to think, and I ran to sell it, and it brought me 10 thousand pounds..

I kept thinking how I would get the rest. I called all my friends, but the only thing I could manage from them was two thousand pounds.

Night came to me and I was going crazy. There were 8,000 left, and you sent me a new message.

- Where is the money?

- I have 12 thousand pounds. Please take them and be patient with me

- Ok, send them

I went to a store that transfers electronic wallets and transferred the entire amount..

I promised myself good health and told him that I transferred the money.

Writer's page: Ahmed Mahmoud Sharqawi


I fell asleep after thinking horribly, Oh Lord, help me with the rest of the money, Oh Lord, He will curse me in my condition forever or forget me, and I fell asleep trying to reassure myself that everything was fine..

I woke up from my sleep to the ringing of my phone. It was my fiancée. As soon as I opened it, I found her screaming incomprehensible words, and all she said was on WhatsApp..

My whole body was gripped by a strange numbness. My heart stopped as I opened WhatsApp, and I found my fiancée sending me the video and talking so much that I couldn’t understand a word from the shock.

I had a conversation with the unknown person and found a message from him saying:

“Unfortunately, you did not send the full amount, so I said I would earn from the video my way.”

And block me

I fell down and felt like I was going to faint, so I kept going, and going, and going..

I called my fiancée again and found her father who answered me:

- Look, don't think about calling her. You took your network, and I swear to God, if you think about talking to my daughter again, I will slaughter you.

And the railway was shut down, and not only that, I exposed the scandal of someone walking naked in the street. My father, my sister, and all my friends saw the video, and he posted it on porn sites and got thousands of views. I cursed the whole house because of the scandal and went to live in a rented room in a far away country and worked in the vegetable market. To know how to eat and drink, because being with my family will cause problems for my chaste sister, and I am wrong, and I deserve to make up for my mistake alone.

But we only know that I regret what I did. I regret losing the purest and most honorable girl in the world from my hands. For God’s sake, forgive me, Reem. I cry every night at the prayer hall because God forgives me.