The story of Satan’s Gate, written by Muhammad Shaaban Al-Arif

  The story of Satan’s Gate, written by Muhammad Shaaban Al-Arif

- I will tell you.. Do you see this door?.. This is the one behind the whole story. If you entered it and sat with the man inside and were able to let him tell you the history of his life, then only you would know what we are doing here.

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-Well, how will he tell me?!

- You and your cleverness remain.. You work there as a passerby, you work as a journalist there and he writes about the history of this neighborhood, as you know how to do, work.. The important thing is that you let him tell you, and believe me, if he tells you, your view of everything will change.

- Okay, grandfather.. I will do what you told me to do. I will make myself a journalist and tell him that I am writing an article about the history of the neighborhood, and at the same time I will ask him about his history as well.

- Okay.. I am waiting for you here until you finish.

After the conversation between me and my grandfather ended, I stood behind the door for a few seconds, composed myself, changed my features, straightened my face, and knocked on the door, and with the first knock, the door opened! I was surprised, but my astonishment disappeared when I heard the voice of an old man talking to me inside.

-Who?..Who knocked on the door?!

-I... I am a journalist, a journalist, and I was writing an article about the history of the neighborhood, and I also wanted to know...

I stopped talking when he answered me quickly...

-Come in.. Answer the door behind you and enter.

I entered and answered the door as he said. I followed his voice. It was coming from the room to the right. As soon as I entered it, I saw an old man sitting on a chair that looked like a throne, and what he meant was a chess board with soldiers and chess pieces lying on it! He was looking at the board and the pieces with concentration. He... he was old, but it was clear to him that he was still in good health... as soon as he felt my presence. He smiled, he didn't look at me, he was talking while he was still looking at the tablet and having a shower on a chair..

- Sit down, journalist.

I sat down, and after I sat down he asked me while raising his eyes and looking at me..

-Ha.. Do you want to know what about me and the history of the neighborhood?!

-Everything.. I want to know everything.

- Oh peace.. but that's it.. from my heart.. I will tell you... Look, sir, for a long time I have had no place, I was lost in the land, but I met someone and he was the one who told me what to do, I am not even from the neighborhood here, I live in Another neighborhood, far from here, even the neighborhood I live in, was not my place either, but I took it by placing my hand, as the man I met didn’t say.. but that is not our topic, our topic is this neighborhood and the neighborhoods next to it, or I tell you, our topic is the area All of them, and in order to know how to control the area with all its neighborhoods, I brought some of my men and let them live in some of the houses of this neighborhood. They took it as healthy as I took the neighborhood I am from. They left some of its people and took their homes, exactly as I did and took the homes of the people I am from. And my children live in it now.. But you know, in order to deprive a neighborhood of its inhabitants and let your men (who are your eyes in the area) live in it completely, this is a difficult thing.. The residents of some of them settled on the land, not all of them left, but for a little while they stayed, and for a little while These countries are breaking their sting. I thought of a plan for them. I let my men build nests for birds of prey on top of the houses they had taken, and these birds preferred the men to starve them to some extent today.. and today only, the time has come for them to come out of the nest..

At that moment, I heard a strong knocking sound outside, and behind it I heard the sound of commotion, shouting, and screams.. At that time, the old man smiled and raised his right hand..

- Don't be afraid, my love... These birds have begun to do their work with the remaining residents of the neighborhood. I mean... they destroy their homes and kill what they can in order to escape... they go to any neighborhood in the neighborhoods around them, and thus the entire neighborhood remains my men's possessions, and this... is... The beginning, but the beginning, because after they leave, the neighborhood will all belong to my men. Only then will I be able to let them multiply, settle down, and begin to go to the other neighborhoods.. and the experience is guaranteed, neighborhood after neighborhood after neighborhood.. and after years, the entire area will remain the property of my men. Sorry, I mean. My..

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The story of the Qarafa room, written by Muhammad Shaaban

When he arrived here, the sound of the birds was silent, and after the silence, which did not last long, I heard the sound of banging and beating and people screaming again.. At this moment, the man looked at the board and looked back at me and smiled..

The birds are gone, and my men are now beating people and throwing them out of the neighborhood. If you want to watch, get up. This is an important history in the neighborhood and it will be written. Get up. Get up if you really want to write what is happening.

I looked at him from top to bottom and got up and went to the door of the room, but before I left, I stood up, turned around, looked at the man and asked him..

-What is your name, and why do you do all this in the first place?!

-I do this because I have to do this. This is my nature. An important and large area like this cannot be out of my control. My men must remain in it. They have a lane inside it, and if they do not have a lane, they will take one. The important thing is that they are in the middle of the area... This is the answer to your second question. As for the first question, it was answered by your grandfather. Go out and ask him. He will tell you what my name is, and never forget to greet him and tell him if you hear his words and I will carry them out to the letter. And as he said I will do, I will carry out everything he has instructed me to do in order to rule the earth.. Noortu My dear grandson.

- Of course.. I will tell you how to say hello to your grandfather. This is even his scent on you. Come on, come out and let your grandfather explain to you what is happening and tell him that I have completed to some extent and all the conversation remains under my control.

I turned around and went out the door of the house, and as soon as I left, I found my grandfather standing and waiting for me. I was shining, but he was; He was smiling, he approached me and put his hand on my shoulder and we started walking in the middle of the neighborhood. The world was literally upside down, thugs were beating up poor people and kicking them out of the neighborhood, blood and corpses in the streets, birds of prey crashing into houses... my eyes from the view remained somewhat distorted until my grandfather knocked on me. scapular...

-Eh.. impressed?

-No, it's surprising.. How can one human being, just one person, be able to do all of this?!

- It's normal.. This is the nature of the world.. I know, my dear grandson, since the day I was expelled and descended on this earth, I have been trying to turn it into a place of hell, a hell in which the children of Adam live.. Once upon a time, I made covenants, I let humans harm others.. but as the days passed I have become certain of a very important thing, something that you must learn in order to help us in the destruction of the earth, in the destruction of human lives.. This thing is that you do not indulge the weak, see the strong and fill it with evil, greed, saying that he will be able to rule the world if he rules it with iron and fire, and believe me, only then. You will let evil spread as you see it. In the end, you have to hurt people with people like them, and when people hurt, believe me, they do everything we want and in a better way too.. You just pick up the fuse and put it in the hands of the arrogant and the greedy, the one who wants to rule and control. And then, he will act.. He will burn and destroy in order to impose his control and power. He is stupid.. He thinks that he will rule seriously, even though in reality, I am the one who rules.. He thinks that his door is the strongest door, and whoever enters it will not come out unscathed, even though in reality he remains A door of my own.. The door of his house remains a door of your grandfather, Satan.