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 The Abu Omar News website was launched on the Internet in mid-2019, to be a means of obtaining news first and foremost at the time of the event, with full live coverage of all that is going on from a different perspective. The proposed and smart ideas submitted by the editors of the site, to work on covering Arab and international news, sports, art, economics and technology.

The site is an independent news network concerned with Arab and international affairs, and political issues in the media, politically and intellectually in the global and Arab arena. It is characterized by credibility in the news, objectivity in analysis, professional performance, adherence to constants, and we are working to create services to serve visitors and facilitate them to deal with the Internet to follow the site from all across the Arab countries.

site goal

The main goal is to deliver important and urgent news to all users around the world in a simple way that includes video coverage of all events from the event site, and the most important thing that distinguishes us from everyone is credibility so that each exclusive site does not belong to any specific party and work on the site objectively and around the clock.

Publication Policy

 The materials published on the site express the opinion of its author and the source from which the news was transferred and do not necessarily express the opinion of the site.

 The site administration apologizes in advance for publishing any material that expresses any intolerance or blind bias to a group, religion or sect, or offends them, or leads to sectarian and regional discord and strife, or offends religions, the heavenly books and the divine being, or includes words, images and phrases that are contrary to morals and public morals, or It includes any form of defamation, threats and verbal violence.

 The site administration is not obligated to publish everything that comes to it, and the timing and place of publication is subject to its own technical and technical considerations.

 The site administration apologizes for publishing any written or photographic materials that violate the law or public morals.

 The site administration does not pay cash as compensation for the materials sent to it, whether it has been published or not.

 The site administration considers that the person requesting the publication of material on the site has read and understood these terms.

Comment posting policy

Comments are available to visitors through the website comments service according to the following conditions:

Commenting should be on the published article only.

Comments that include personal abuse, out of public morals and offensive to the divine and heavenly religions, and everything that includes any form of defamation, threats and verbal violence will be canceled and any user who misuses the comments service will be banned.

The site administration has the right to delete or modify any comment that does not comply with the posting policy.

The posted comments do not necessarily reflect the policy and opinion of the site administration.