story My grandfather's body, written by Ahmed Mahmoud Sharqawi

 story My grandfather's body, written by Ahmed Mahmoud Sharqawi

On the day my grandfather died, almost no one in the family shed a single tear for him, not even my father, who is his son. This is because my grandfather was shunned by the entire family and no one loved him. My grandfather was the most stingy man you could ever see in your entire life, to the point that he used to wear cut clothes and was frivolous just because He did not buy a new robe. He did not have a single pound in the passport of all his children, whether girls or boys, even though he has a large land and earns him a very large amount of money per year. Almost even us, his grandchildren, did not see even a single pound from him throughout our lives, and he did not love or visit anyone, nor did anyone visit him. After all his children were busy with their work and fatigue, he retired and stayed at home, and we continued to visit him shyly, and meeting him was always not pleasant.

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Moreover, he also completed almost 96 years of his life, meaning he lived to the point that people renounced him and remained expecting for many years that he would die at any moment. But the strange thing about my grandfather is that despite his old age, his health was not like a young man in his twenties, to the point that we thought We imagine that he is performing magic at home or with him the elixir of immortality so that he can maintain his health in this way, and until the day of the funeral, a knowledgeable person came and said that his will is that no one should wash him or shroud him except him. His words were shocking, but no one will be able to break the will, unfortunately. You know why he does not deserve anyone to cry over him. In fact, the man entered, locked the door, washed him, shrouded him, and came out to us with the body. He was also the one who put it on the tree, and he completed the will. He was also the one who entered the body into its grave and buried it.

But there was something very strange about it that I noticed while we were carrying the wood. My grandfather’s wood was very light, even though his body was full and he was working like a jackass, as they say, despite all this life, and it certainly means that it was not one of his good deeds for him to be in such a hurry to account, but we didn’t care and buried him. And we returned home..

And all for a few days, my father met with his sisters to calculate the estate as they say, but the strange thing is that they were halal children in some ways, contrary to what was expected and the opposite of their greedy, stingy father, and they divided the land among the daughters, and my father sold his apartment and paid its price to his brother, and his share remained the entire house, and this is because he dreamed of having more. A long time ago, so that I could easily pass over him, and one day and one night I found myself gathering my belongings and furnishing the apartment so that we could go to the house of my grandfather, the strange, strange man.

We arrived home almost at the end of the night and had nothing to do but sleep because of the fatigue we saw that day, and in my sleep I had a little strange dream. I saw a tired man who was yellow and looked very nice walking in the hall of the house and a worker poking his head between the tiles as if he wanted to go underground. I kept watching him until he looked at me and attacked me to bite me. But God willing, I avoided him and woke up quickly. I sought refuge in God from the accursed Satan and went back to sleep and I was not very interested in dreaming. I am one of the people who regularly recite the remembrances and have been close to God for a long time, and this He brought so much peace within me in my life, to the point that I don’t think I was ever afraid of anything at all..

The second day, we worked on the house with all our energy until we finished furnishing all the furniture. I went out and bought food and sat for a while with one of my friends from the same area, and then I went back to sleep. My room was the only one that looked into the hall, and the rest of the rooms were all very inside the house, and before I went to sleep. I heard the sound of someone coughing outside and there was smoke. I could see it from under the back of the door, as if there was someone drinking a hookah outside. I went out to see who it was, especially since my father never drinks a hookah in the first place. I looked at the sofa and found a broken hookah and the embers of it were burning, and the sponge of the sofa was coming down as if there was someone sitting there. I looked at him nervously and with concentration, and found him rising quietly, as if the one sitting had stood up, and I saw smoke coming out of the hookah and its water pipe moving with an audible sound..

I sought refuge in God from the accursed Satan and approached the hookah so that everything would be calmed. I thought about telling my father, but I felt that the issue was making the world stressful, and perhaps all of these were just fantasies and nothing more. So, I put the hookah in the closet and went in to continue my sleep, and I went back to the topic and did not tell anyone anything about what had happened. This, but the second day while I was sleeping, I woke up to the sound of someone coughing again, and I felt a very strange coldness in the place, and as soon as I went out to the hall, I was surprised by someone standing at the end of the path in front of my grandfather’s old room, and after a while, I moved towards him. He entered the room quickly, I ran after him, opened the door, and entered. I couldn't find anything, but inside me I felt that something was wrong. I heard the sound of breathing and felt a strange heat. There was someone with me in the same room.

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I started to see drops of blood falling from the ceiling onto the floor of the room. At that time, I felt afraid. Laura came back and ran. I woke up for my father, and we returned to the room, but the blood was not in the same place. I banged my hands on the floor, somewhat surprised, until I was surprised by the echo of a sound, as if the floor had a void beneath it. I explained to my father. What I'm thinking about is that we spent an entire hour looking around the room until we found a handle in the corner. The first time we moved it, the floor revealed a staircase going down to the room, something like a basement like this..

We went down to the place that was made like a basement, and there there was a hideous surprise waiting for us: my grandfather’s body, my grandfather’s mummified body in a large glass box, mummified and looking terrifying with its intense looks and his stiff face, and next to it we saw spikes of gold and a lot of money in two very large sacks, my father’s onions. I was amazed and afraid, and I remained silent, unable to speak or whisper half a word. A little while later, my father called my uncle and saw everything. Their first decision was that they would open the soil that belonged to my grandfather, to see who they had buried. We went and opened the grave, and it was a frightening surprise: we had buried a plastic statue. .

There was no one in front of us except the man who shrouded and washed my grandfather. My uncle asked about him and his whereabouts until he was able to get him. It was clear in the eyes of my uncle and my parents that if the man did not speak, they would do something to him. We met him and he said that this was my grandfather’s will, and that he did not want to be buried and leave the money that had been lost to monsters. His whole life, and he wanted to mummify his money, and for the first time he paid the man a very large sum of money to do this, and he stipulated that it be the day of the burial to ensure that the man would do this and go out and not steal the money, because it is difficult to go out with a sack of money in front of people at the time of the burial, and in fact the man carried out the will and was Nawi Lama Amo

He didn't want to enter the house and steal all the money, but we went to live in the house as soon as possible, and this was a disaster for him, and he waited for us to be away from the house for just one day so that he could enter..

This confirmed to me, unfortunately, that miserliness and stinginess can unfortunately drive a person to madness, and that it is one of the most difficult evil deeds when you do not fulfill the right of the poor to your money that God has given you. May God threaten the miser with torment, who hoards gold and silver and money for himself for fear of poverty. May God give him power over himself and he will live. He pant like a dog in his life and die and leave all his money with a great burden capable of throwing him into the fire of hell. That is why alms purify the heart and soul from any evil or satanic obsessions, and protect people from calamities, madness, and any bad need. That is why I learned that I am as far away from stinginess as I am. About the burning fire.