story of the bridge man, written by Ahmed Mahmoud Sharqawi

 story of the bridge man, written by Ahmed Mahmoud Sharqawi

There is one situation that can make you live like a lunatic all your life, a situation that can destroy everything inside you and make you run to be treated for the amount of psychological illnesses that can eat away at your soul, your mind, and your heart..

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I went through one of these situations, and I spent years of my life receiving psychological treatment, and I knocked on all the doors of psychiatrists, until a terrible entity decided to interfere in my life and treat me itself.

That day, I was returning from the university at night, and the day I returned after the afternoon and went to the entrance to our country, it would be very difficult for me to find anything that would take me inside, and I would have to walk through the agricultural lands until I reached the inside of the country.

As usual, I stood at the entrance to the town and there was nothing standing. They were all huge vehicles going to the quarries to transport stones, and even if I rode with them, I would have to walk also, so I went into the heart of the turmoil in front of me to complete the journey, and I do not know why at that time I started to remember the details of my life. .

My whole life stops at that day, especially at the scream and the look in the eye, the scream that haunts me in my life until today, and unfortunately no doctor knows how to treat me from it, other than the nightmares that I cannot get rid of until today, all because of the eye look and the scream..

At this moment, I saw footprints in the ground in front of me, which had been irrigated recently. It was very easy for the footprints to appear in the mud of the ground, but the strange thing was that these footprints were bloody, as if the person who had walked from here had blood on his feet.

My body started to shake and I looked like I was going into a new seizure, and I quickly started to remember the doctor’s words, that this is not real and I must avoid delusions and not believe what I hear and see, but how can I lie to the person who sees this..

I looked behind me there at the bridge and was even more shaken. What brought me here? I am stupid, stupid. I unconsciously started walking behind the footprints to get away from the bridge and cross from the next bridge. I started digging myself into the mud and my pants were turning black, but that wasn’t my problem. I'm afraid I'll have a seizure, and this place won't help me at all.

I continued walking and my legs were getting more and more stuck. Walking became very difficult and I was working and my body was shaking more and more. In the end, I saw a man at the beginning of the ground giving me his back and continuing to walk..

I discovered that he was the owner of these traces. I looked at his feet and found that he was barefoot and left with traces of blood. At this time, I calmed down a little when I got away from the bridge, and I felt curious to see where this man was going..

I continued walking behind him until I found him in the heart of the cemeteries, the old cemeteries next to Al-Sakia, where no one had been buried in the past, after they allocated another space for burial. I tried to go back and continue, but I couldn’t.

At that time, the sun was leaning towards the setting, and the cemeteries were old, very dilapidated, you felt that they would collapse with the first touch, and all this while the man continued walking and did not stop, I watched him one by one until in an instant he disappeared from my eyes, especially in front of this cemetery there..

A strange coldness gripped me and I felt like I was falling into place. I had reached this stage of madness. I kept seeing things disappearing so easily. I approached the cemetery where the man disappeared and found a name written.

"Mohamed Mahmoud Abu Jabal"

I kept looking at the name I had read with difficulty on the dilapidated wall and then...

In a moment, I found him standing behind me, the same man, but his eyes were very white. I gasped in fear and turned back to Laura while I was looking at him, and my heart went out of its place. He remained standing and looking at the whites of his eyes with all determination..

My heart would stop, my body would shake, and my tongue would be paralyzed. Only a few moments later, blood began to flow from his neck, as if there was a wound appearing one by one, and the wound began to grow and grow more and more until my head fell from its place.

At that moment, I was able to scream and run from the whole place. I was in a terrible state of panic. I fell into the muddy ground and my whole body was dirty with mud, to the point that I crawled through the mud to get out of it, and after a few minutes I got out of the ground.


I found myself at the same bridge that I had always avoided, and suddenly I heard a screaming sound, someone running and screaming, and behind him someone holding a dagger and running after him. At that moment, he was crossing the bridge and the one holding the dagger followed him.

And with all the wrath of the world, he slaughtered him in front of Ania, slaughtered him and separated his head from his body, all this while the body was shaking and shaking, and there was a child carrying a bag on his back and standing in amazement in front of the bridge, looking at the dead man..

The child's eyes were like a bus, and the man's eyes were screaming and screaming. The child ran and hid under the bridge. His body was smeared with mud and his body shook once or twice, and the whole scene disappeared.

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I fell to the ground, and I was forced to remember again. I remember the situation that destroyed my entire life and made me mentally ill until today I see hallucinations and nightmares.

That day we ran away from school and went to the mulberry tree to eat berries. I was 10 years old. I took my bag on my shoulder and went to the tree. On that bridge, I saw everything that happened. Someone was running after another person. My friends were all afraid and ran away. I was the only one who saw everything. ..

I saw someone slaughtering someone and separating his head from his body, I saw the dead man praying, screaming and shaking himself, I heard his scream and the crackling of his voice at the time of death, the looks in his eyes that I still remember and see until today..

I stood on the bridge crying against my will. I had tried to escape from this memory, but I could not. At that moment, I saw him again. The same man I had seen in the cemetery. He was standing with his white eyes in front of the bridge on the other side, and I saw him walking on the bridge. Only then did I discover the disaster.

Is this the man I saw slaughtering 10 years ago here? He's the same guy I met in the cemetery a while ago. Is he crazy or is he really coming to me after 10 years to scare me?

Ok, how was I going to defend him in the first place? I found him approaching me and making a sound like the sound of a soul rattling. I couldn’t wait a moment longer and ran like a madman towards the house..

By then, night had fallen and I knew I could go without anyone bothering me, wasting away in the mud like this.

I entered our house and went to my room immediately. I took a shower, changed my clothes, and waited for my father. An hour later, I was sitting with him and tried to lure him with words.

- Dad, you know someone named Muhammad Mahmoud Abu Jabal

He looked at me with a strange look, then thought for a while and said:

- May God have mercy on him. Where did you get his name?

- One of my friend I'm talking about

Today, I said, “How is it from our country that I don’t know?”

- Do you want to know his story?

- If only

- My son, we have been treating you since the moment you had an accident that we don’t know the cause of, so I don’t have to tell you things like this.

- Sorry, dad, for my sake

I found him taking a deep breath and said:

Muhammad is a poor man who has lived in our country for a long time. He was a hired hand in Ghaytan, planting, reaping, irrigating the land, and so on. One day he returned with the car and the donkey was dragging it, and there was a young family who was playing under the car. Muhammad did not see the car crushing the valley and killing him.

Muhammad was terrified. He took the boy to the hospital, but the boy was dead. He ran to call for help from the elders of the country because the father of the boy, who died from a large family, was afraid they would kill him. But people intervened a few days later and a reconciliation was made as he was wrongly killed.

But Abu Al-Wad was a man from whom I seek refuge. After the reconciliation, he stalked Muhammad and killed him. They say he slaughtered him, separated his head from his body, hid the body, and no one knew anything about the body, and since the man was defeated, no one accused Abu Al-Wad when the man disappeared, even though everyone was sure that he had killed Muhammad while he was in it. Witnesses saw him and spoke

- Who is this man, Dad, who killed him?

- Your uncle Saadawi, my son, if you knew him

The scene came back to me again, and I remembered that it was actually Saadawi’s uncle, the man who owned the oven, who was killed in front of me. Maybe the shock made me forget, but now I remember..

Why treachery after reconciliation, and why is the man not as satisfied as God is? God suffices me, and He is the best disposer of affairs. I went to sleep or tried..

Unfortunately, I saw the scene again, but it was clearer: Saadawi was running after Muhammad on the bridge and kicking him, and then Muhammad turned on his head and grabbed her, kneed her again, and stood, praying and crying with tears of blood.

I remained in this state for days, until one night I saw the same dream again, but then I saw the body standing in front of me, bleeding and consulting Saadawi, and then I consulted on the bridge..

I woke up from my sleep sweating and my heart was beating violently, but what was terrifying was that I saw Muhammad in front of my bed, his eyes white and his neck bleeding. At that time, I kept shaking from fear as I saw him walking towards the bridge, as if I was still sleeping next to the bridge and not in my room..

I woke up again and woke up seriously. Only then did I understand that the corpse wanted me to let Saadawi go there, and would not curse me unless I did this. Why not? This is not Saadawi. This is the reason for the shock that has left me living like crazy until today.

The hellish idea came to me. I was going to the stadium where the kids booked football tickets. I waited one night when Ibn Saadawi was going to play with the kids at night, and I stood watching their phones as they handed them over to the man who owned the stadium for deposits. At that time, I ran to a small store under the house that had a phone, of course, after that. I went to get Saadawi’s number from his oven, I called him while I was standing far away from the shop owner, and I told him that his son had passed out and was thrown on the bridge next to the bartender.

Of course, he called his son and he wouldn't answer him because he was playing football. I watched his house and waited. For a few moments, he came out running like a madman towards the bridge, and I found my curiosity leading me behind him. It was night and no one saw anything, but I was keeping track of the road. That night, I heard a new scream, a scream of terror. From Saadawi over the bridge, I didn't see anything because of the darkness except a white eye that looked towards me for a few moments and disappeared..

I went back to running home, and what happened next was that Saadawi was found dead from the bridge. They said that his face was black and the rest of it was open from terror. The strangest thing is that I recovered after Saadawi’s scream.

As if I was tired because of the cry of the oppressed Muhammad, I recovered because of the cry of the oppressor Saadawi, and I don’t know how, and after 10 years, the victim’s friend kept waiting for me to start explaining the truth to me, but really, this is a complicated world in which it is difficult to understand anything..