story of the morgue girl, written by Ahmed Mahmoud Sharqawi

 story of the morgue girl, written by Ahmed Mahmoud Sharqawi

I was awake tonight and stuck in the hospital because my security colleague had problems and the supervisor called me and said that I would do two shifts tonight and he would give me a reward. Frankly, I didn’t want to refuse because he treated me well and over the course of 6 months I didn’t see anything bad from him, and I made my own tea so I could get a little better and complete the 12 hours I needed. At night, half an hour later, I found the supervisor calling me and telling me that I would also remove the back gate that overlooks the morgue building because my third colleague had died. He apologized profusely and said that this was an emergency situation and that it would not happen again, God willing.

story of the morgue girl, written by Ahmed Mahmoud Sharqawi

He said that the most important thing in his opinion is the back gate because sometimes bodies come in at night and the doctor will cause a problem for the security company if there is no security person available at night in front of the morgue, so I will spend the whole night going, but I said that there is no problem and it is not difficult because between the two gates is a short distance..

I went back to the shift until 12 o'clock and there were no problems at all, except for a little fatigue and exhaustion from staying up late, but I had a conscience and I would stay for half an hour here and half an hour here. A little while later, I found a young girl, about in her twenties, coming in, shivering and looking very cold.

She approached me shyly and tried to speak once or twice, but she couldn't tell from the shyness. The strange thing was that she looked very much like my little sister. That's why I felt a very strange pity for her. I politely asked her if she needed anything, and I found her saying:

- I need a place to stay until morning, and tomorrow I will walk away

- Ok, may I know if there is a problem with you or if you don’t know whether to go or what?

She told me that her father kicked her out of the house tonight and did not want her to enter the house and she did not know where to go or where to come from. I thought for a while and I did not know what to do. I was afraid that I would take her there and get hurt because of her. This is a girl first and foremost, and at the same time I will not let anyone hurt her. At night, especially since the place at night around the hospital is in ruins and there are children selling drugs in the place.

In the end, I entered the security room and asked her not to make any sound. And early in the morning, God willing, she would walk away before anyone would come and see her. She thanked me very much and quickly entered because of the cold. I knocked on her, gave her a blanket, made her tea, and went out to sit in front of the gate.

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There was nothing wrong. She went out, wrapped in the blanket, and I found her asking shyly to sit with me. I looked right and left and found the place very dark. I mean, no one would feel between us. I welcomed her and she actually sat with me. She picked up some wood and we sat in front of the fire talking. She told me that her father had died a while ago and her mother had married a friend. Her father, of course, used to say to him, “Daddy,” but he treated her very harshly, and when she started to grow a little, he began to sexually assault her, and when she resisted him once or twice, he expelled her.

She was talking while smiling, even though my heart was broken. I saw her as my little sister, and I imagined that if I died and my mother got married because my father was dead, maybe her husband would do this to her, and I had a great desire to pamper her. She continued talking and told me that he entered her room that night while she was sleeping and was stoned. He tried to rape her, and when she found nothing but a cup of tea at her side, she broke it on his brain and ran out of the apartment.

She went down the street to go to her mother in the kiosk where she was working to ask for help, but she found him running after her, and she did not find anything but that she was entering the empty ground behind the house to hide, and in the end she was able to escape from it. I don’t know why she cried, and when she saw my tears, she smiled and told me that it was all that. She hopes that she will break up with someone and feels that someone might be upset by her separation.

I told her that I would help her, not blame her, and if she agreed, we could get married, but my circumstances are a little different. She laughed and said it was too late for that, and before I could answer her, I heard the doctor calling. I quickly went into the room and locked it, and went to the doctor who told me that the ambulance would bring a body now and take it with them to the morgue. And he was going to pick it up. I came back again and found her. She came out and gave me a chain and said that she had bought her mother’s husband and that she had stolen it from him so that everything would be revealed.

I still heard the sound of the ambulance. I entered again and received the ambulance. I entered the security room to get the keys to the large door of the morgue, and I was surprised that the girl was not there. I was very surprised. Come here, Dope, I opened the gate for the ambulance and came back. Where will she have gone? It does not matter if I enter the body and come back to see it. We entered the body inside the morgue. When the ambulance went, I spoke to the doctor that everything was fine. I found him smiling and saying, “You look new.” I told him that I was old, but I would only be here for a morning. He smiled more and said, “If I would like to see the bodies preserved, how will I learn, and that my heart is not weak?” He was very friendly and respectful. I told him that I care about you. ..

We actually went to the body and uncovered it. It was the same girl who had been with me a while ago. My whole body shook to the point that the doctor shook and told me if I was afraid to go out, but I wasn’t afraid. I was going crazy. She was wearing the same dress and appearance, and I learned from the doctor that it was clearly a case of murder and rape. I was shaking like a little child and I was unable to respond. For a while, the doctor went out to answer the missing things and I preferred to be by her side. Unconsciously, I began to cry very bitterly for her, and I felt at that moment that she was holding my hand and squeezing it. I looked at her face in amazement and found her as if she was sad.

She came close to her and whispered:

“I swear to God, I will give you your rights.”

I found that her features calmed down as if she were smiling, and she remained calm until morning. Until the detectives arrived and the world was full of police officers, I kept watching them until I saw a young officer among them who was kind. I asked him to talk to him alone. I told him everything and he listened and did not comment. I told him if he didn’t believe it, hold on, and I told him. The chain, and I told him that while you are investigating her mother’s husband, show him the chain and then she will know how to get his leg and he will confess. I was holding his hand and asked him to get her right. He promised me that he would act and I gave him my number to reassure me. He was polite and promised me that he would call me.

Two days later, I found a strange number calling on me. It was the officer, and he told me that her mother’s husband had confessed that he had run after her and caught her in the open ground. He had raped her and killed her so that he would not be exposed and get rid of her completely. But he was tormenting us in confessing, especially since forensic medicine does not know how to prove that he was the one who raped her, but as soon as he I confronted him that we found this chain with the body. He was shaken, and we caught him at the time and he confessed, even though the chain was not with the body and you had it.

I prayed two rak'ahs of thanksgiving to God

I gave her alms and visited her in her grave. I prayed for her a lot and thanked God that his name is justice, and that the oppressor must pour from the cup of bitterness in this world and in the afterlife..