story of the rabid dog, written by Ahmed Mahmoud Sharqawi

 story of the rabid dog, written by Ahmed Mahmoud Sharqawi

I was returning home at approximately 11 o'clock at night, and the country was almost silent, with no sound heard, as usual in the countryside, and a few minutes before I reached home, a flock of dogs had become accustomed to me. Peaceful countryside dogs, but on this night I only found one dog standing in the middle of the road, and he was standing in a strange, cautious stance, as if you were seeing a rabid bear in front of your eyes, not a normal dog, to the point that I saw it and felt that my entire body went shivers and the hairs on my head stood up..

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I ran away from him very calmly, because I sensed extreme danger on his part. As I approached him, I saw eyes red with the color of blood. It was impossible for them to be the eyes of an animal. It was as if you saw a devil in front of you. With difficulty, I controlled my nerves and sought refuge in God from the accursed devil and continued walking. However, as I passed in front of him, I heard a growl. The attack, and in a moment he attacked me and stuck his claws into my legs, to the point that I felt like my feet had entered the inside of a fiery oven. I screamed in terrible pain and with all my strength I stuck the house key in the eye of the one I was holding in my hand and ran. I ran while I saw a fountain of blood coming out of my legs.

I arrived home and quickly locked the door and went out to my room. I did not want to wake anyone in the house and I tried to change the wound, which was like a fire eating away at my flesh. I quickly changed it, but from so much stress and pain, I felt a terrible dizziness and fell asleep. I slept like a fever and did not feel anything around me at all. .

In the morning, I woke up to screaming, and it was not like it was the Day of Resurrection. I got up terrified and ran with a limp and took to the street with all the people who had left their homes terrified. We were surprised by the ugliest scene we could see in our lives. We saw one of the neighbor’s children, his body literally ravaged and torn apart, as if a wild animal had eaten every part of him. His mother was in a state of complete collapse when I met him, and people were hitting each other with their hands. Is this a rabid bear or something? Since when has something like this come to our country? It was a difficult day beyond what you can imagine for our region until they collected the child’s remains and buried him in the end. It was The only question that arises among all people is...

I wonder what can do this??

I was the only one who knew, the dog that attacked me yesterday was the only one who could do this very simply, but what was I going to say? I went to the hospital and the nurse was surprised by the appearance of the wound and brought a specialist doctor and cleansed the flesh with a burning substance that made me scream like little children in the hospital. He told me that if I had been late, all of my legs would have been cut off.

I finished my change and returned home and I am trying to turn my mind away from my family. I cannot bear to watch C&C while I am in this situation. However, the sight of the child today is enough to destroy me psychologically for many months. That is why I stayed up until midnight thinking, I cannot forget the sight of the dog at night nor forget the sight of the child. Little..

After a very long thought and a strange kind of crying, because the child was very difficult for me, and I also did not know how to say or give him his rights, and in a moment of madness, I withdrew and took our gun out of the closet, put it in a large bag, and put a few bullets in its safe, and went to the place where I found the dog yesterday. ..

I was going with only one goal in mind, which was to get rid of this dog completely as revenge for myself and for the child. I arrived at the place but did not find anything at all, and all the dogs were still gone. A little far away there was a garbage dump and I knew that most of the dogs would be there..

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I walked there excitedly, holding the rifle and controlling it, and as soon as I arrived, I saw in the moonlight a hideous, disgusting, and strange scene. I saw more than twenty collapsed dogs with their intestines sticking out, as if they were emerging from a massacre, and their bodies were thrown everywhere, and I was certain that it was the same dog that He did this, and my desire increased to strike him with fire and get rid of him completely.

I continued to look at the corpses with pity and sadness until I began to hear a growling sound coming from behind me, and I looked up with fear to find him standing again, the same dog with its bloody eyes and terrifying appearance, and from its bugs there was a substance like thick white saliva coming down from it, a scene from a horror movie, and the first shot was fired. But the gun was silenced and did not hit. My heart sank into my legs. The second shot hit, but there was nothing, and I saw a smile, a smile on the face of the dog that was motivated to do the same to me as it did to the child, and I found myself watching, but a moment before he attacked, I heard a strange whistle sound, and he ran. The dog immediately went to its source.

I quickly hid and watched its owner. I found a woman, a woman dressed in black, and nothing was visible on her. The dog stood in front of her and began to bite a small piece of meat, and he was eating it with great greed. I fled from the whole place, but I kept the woman under my eyes, and I walked after her until she arrived. She reached our house. This woman was My father's times..

I felt a terrible shock and did not understand why she was doing this, and what her relationship was with a rabid demon dog, and I had to watch her, and find out what she was doing and why. I watched her for a whole day, but I could not find any solution..

Until she came at night and offered me a cup of juice as usual. I took it from her but did not drink it. I did not reassure her at all, and at midnight I felt the door open and she entered through it. I made myself sleep until I felt her cutting off some of my hair with scissors and leaving quickly. I went out and ran after her. I found her in the kitchen cutting meat. I looked small, and every bit of my hair was covered with hair. I quickly dressed and ran outside. I was completely sure that it was going to the dog.

I went to my father and found that the cup of juice was drunk. I tried to wake him up, but he was not waking up, and I didn’t need intelligence to understand that she was putting a drug in the juice, and even her son was definitely drugged, as he is only my paternal brother..

And I didn't find anyone else. My grandmother. I went to her the next day and told everything in detail. She kept hitting me while I calmed her down until she explained everything to me. She told me that she is trying to kill you. There is a type of magic called animal magic. It makes the jinn possess the animal itself, and it almost works like magic through your hair while the dog is eating. This poetry is to kill you anytime it sees you, and if you don't go and continue eating, it will come to you itself..

My body is shaking at the thought of waking up from sleep and finding the dog in my room attacking me. I asked my grandmother for a solution and she told me to reverse the verse for her. Take her hair and put it in the meat.

She actually went back and got her bathroom brush and found Sh

I took all of it and left it with me, and at night I repeated the same topic: juice and of course I didn't drink it. She came and cut the hair from my head, but I was able to put her hair in the weft because I called my father's phone while she was in the kitchen, and when she was about to turn it off, I came in and stuck her hair inside and under the weft. And I went out, I went out, and I didn't come back until the afternoon..

But a broken, battered corpse came back, with a hideous, disgusting appearance, and I understood that she knew that my father was tired and would soon die, so she said she would get rid of me so that she and her son would inherit the house and the land. She went to an imposter and he told her to perform animal magic on any dog near the house, and when the dog saw it, it would kill it, but the magic was intense. He let the dog kill other dogs and a small child, and kill her as well. At that time, I told the people the story of the dog that bit me while I was crying, and everyone gathered and went to kill the dog, the dog that killed the bitch, my father’s wife, who wanted to kill me because of her greed and greed.

"who drilled a hole to his brother, he fall in it"